Introduction to Islam

An intro to Islam...

What is True Success? Book based on Nahjul Balagha of Ali bin Abu Talib (p)

These are the teachings of the cousin, the son-in Law, and the Caliph of Prophet Muhammad (s). His knowledge and wisdom are unmatched. His accomplishments are unparalleled. The guidance contained in the book is indispensable

Spanish Section

Islam. Un resumen concise de la religio'n. Que'es el verdadro exito

Urdu Section C. Dua Nudbah

This is an Urdu translation of a long Dua, where the reciter expresses grief on the suffering of the Ahlul Bayt of the Prophet (Peace be upon them), and also praises them for their exalted ranks in the sight of Allah SWT.

Farsi (Persian) Section

Mufaqqeet Waqei cheest? Translation of the book, "What is True Sucess?"

Prophet Muhammad, the prophet of God. peace be on him and family

The advent, mission, and accomplishments of the final prophet of God. His exalted status in the eyes of God is documented in the Qur'an. Why do Muslims revere him greatly, unlike the followers of other religions for their prophets?

The Family of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his progeny

The chosen members of the family of the prophet. They held a high status according to the Qur'an; the Prophet's loved greatly, and the Muslims accord them much respect, especially Shia Muslims. Some of them include; his daughter Lady Fatimah, his cousin, son-in-Law and caliph Imam Ali bin Abu Talib, his granddaughter, lady Zainab, 11 purified Imams from the progeny of Imam Ali and lady Fatimah.

Status of Prophet Jesus in Islam. (peace be on him)

According to the Qur'an, Prophet Jesus was a human. He was born of virgin Mary by a miracle of Almighty God, for he did not have a father. The Qur'an refutes the notion of his sonship. According to the Qur'an, he did not die on the cross but was raised up alive by Almighty God. He will return to earth before the Day of Judgment.

Taqibaat (Supplications after the five ritual prayers)

These supplications are important after the ritual prayer is performed. They are a source of pleasure of Almighty God and bring many blessings to the supplicant.

Family Concept in Islam.

The Holy Qur'an and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad( Peace be upon him and his progeny) guide the Muslims regarding protocol and, etiquette and ethics of inter-family relationships. This includes the parents, children, husband, wife, and other relatives. Reciprocal rights and obligations are laid down.

Wajib (Obligatory) Muslim prayers, known as Salaat in Arabic

Five daily prayers are required of a Muslim. Ignoring them brings the displeasure of Almighty God. They are offered at designated times and according to the formula handed out by Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him and his progeny. Their method is outlined in an easy-to-follow format.

Manual of washing and burial of dead

It is required by Islamic law to ceremonially wash and bury the dead. Cremation is prohibited in Islam. In this manual, the steps of washing, shrouding, and burial are given in detail. All Arabic portions have transliteration and translation, so that even an unfamiliar person may understand.

Islamic months and their blessings

In the Islamic calendar year, there are 12 months. some months are shorter than the Gregorian calendar months. Thus an Islamic year is shorter than a Gregorian year by approximately 11 days. Each Muslim month has its own blessings and certain acts of worship and supplications and prayers. In this section, important months and their blessing and rituals are listed.

Marriage (Nikah) Manual

A man and a woman are tied in wedlock in Islam by a ritual ceremony, performed in Arabic, and it is known as Nikah. In this section details of the ritual are given in Arabic, Roman English transliteration and, English translation. It is designed in such a way that even a non-scholar person can perform the Nikah ceremony.

Treatise on Rights by Imam Ali bin Husain A.S.

In this detailed article, the Imam Has described in detail the reciprocal rights all humans have upon each other. It s a must-read for every Muslim, man, woman, and youth.

Izhar e Muwaddat MP3

Hamd, Na'at, Manaqib by Sabiq. Recited by Meeesam Ali. Husaini Sajdah recited by Pervaiz Syed